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Tim Bishop

Peer Group Host
I'm a Peer group host who wants to make the world a slightly better place. I believe that people sharing their experiences in a group can create powerful learning experiences that can help us on our journey to happiness and health.
Location: Berlin, Germany

About Me

Anger has caused major problems in my relationships with family members, friends and even work colleagues. Over the last few years I have managed to gain control of the anger, to deal with the guilt and repair my relationships. I want to share and hear from others, and help others overcome anger. This is why I wanted to set up a peer support group. I have suffered from anger since I can remember, I never set out to be angry and to mess up relationships. Something has made me feel this way, something makes me act this way. Often people told me that I should just calm down which isn't easy at all when when I'm triggered or worse, tell me I'm a bad person. Inevitably people avoided me or self-censored themselves to avoid triggering me. I can only imagine the fear and sadness they must have felt I felt totally misunderstood. My relationships were falling apart, my self esteem was low, I felt guilty and annoyed by my situation. I had to do something about it and so began a long and difficult journey to try and reach some light at the end of the tunnel.


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