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Pam McRae

Certified Professional Coach
Experienced business owner, Certified Masters Coach, Certified This Naked Mind Coach, Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach. Able to help anyone who is concerned with their drinking. Change your thinking, change your life!
Location: Ontario, Canada

About Me

As a successful small business owner, Mom, Daughter, Sister and Friend, I could never understand why I always felt like I was sinking.. physically and emotionally. I came across This Naked Mind by Annie Grace, and decided it was time to take a good look in the mirror and realize alcohol was causing me to sink. I got so much out of becoming alcohol free, I decided to pursue my coaching career by helping others discover what true freedom feels like. As a Certified This Naked Mind Coach, and a Certified Professional Coach I can guide you to freedom. Let's take the plunge, commit to a 30 day alcohol experiment with me as your guide, and together we can learn what life is like alcohol free for 30 days. Together we will explore all aspects of this experiment and compare your lives at the end of the experiment. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain! Join me now!


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