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Mitch Stein

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Impact Officer at Pond
Started Pond - a digital community that empowers organizations with the resources and personal attention they need to change the world. We want to bring more impact leaders together to collectively tackle the field's biggest personal and professional challenges.
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

About Me

I am a deep thinker and deeper feeler I have more ex's than I could count and more true friends than I could ever deserve I push the boundaries of my physical strength, only to learn I've kicked down the limits on my mental capacity I am an insatiable learner I have a faith in others that expands with my acceptance of their flaws and excitement for their potential I am the son of a hard-working healer and a creative caretaker The brother of a kind protector and a perfect unborn angel The nephew of an artistic martyr The grandson of an intellectual minister, a loyal seamstress, a fearless secretary and a brave veteran The great great great great grandson of an enslaver, but can't attest to his emotional strength in life There are infinite layers to each person and we are all on a journey to become more aware of those dimensions. What has your life experience, friends and family taught you about yourself? It shows exponentially more potential to change the world than a list of titles & accolades. So let's jump in, together.