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Women and Body Image

Hosted by: Mary Barbour
A place to process, feel supported, and be heard while navigating the challenges of a positive body image.
Session Length: 75 minutes
Frequency: weekly
Group Size: up to 10

About This Group

A process support group for women who are struggling with weight and body image especially during the time of quarantine. We are at a time of forced social isolation and reaching for comfort food may be one of your coping mechanisms. As we juggle unexpected stressors we may find solace in unhealthy foods and with that unwanted weight gain. This group can help with ways to explore and reflect, create accountability, and learn new ways of loving ourselves.

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Your Group Host

Mary Barbour

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I am a psychotherapist, registered dietitian nutritionist, and certified yoga teacher who believes in the mind-body connection. I can help you untangle the ways that the past keeps you tethered to negative belief systems and habits, reduce anxiety and stress, and tap into the healing that a strong support system can bring.

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What You Need To Know

How To Participate

This group session is run online in order to be accessible to all. After joining, you will receive an email with a link for the group's video conference.


You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.


Your payment is always secure. You will be charged for each recurring group session. This subscription can be canceled at any time.

$60 / session

Frequency: weekly

Thursday - Sep 24, 12:00 AM GMT