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The Winter Blues Support Group

Hosted by: Gita Sawhney
Feeling down? Are you losing interest in usually pleasurable activities? Have you been experiencing a lack of motivation or trouble sleeping?
Session Length: 60 minutes
Frequency: weekly
Group Size: up to 10

About This Group

This group focuses on practical skills that will help you navigate through the winter blues. We will create a space for you to connect with others who share similar experiences, limiting feelings of isolation and loneliness. Together, we will support each other in order to get through these difficult winter months ahead.

Support Group
Winter Blues

Your Group Host

Gita Sawhney

Mental Health Counselor

My approach to therapy is holistic and relational. I think it is so important for you to be comfortable and have a good rapport with your therapist. As an immigrant and someone who has worked in the finance and accounting world in her previous life, I understand the importance of good communication, forging stable relationships, and creating boundaries

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What You Need To Know

How To Participate

This group session is run online in order to be accessible to all. After joining, you will receive an email with a link for the group's video conference.


You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.


Your payment is always secure. You will be charged for each recurring group session. This subscription can be canceled at any time.

$40 / session

Frequency: weekly

Saturday - Jun 19, 10:00 PM GMT