Online Group

Social and Emotional Wellness Group for Women

Hosted by: Raven Waterman
Psycho-educational support group for women focused on building healthy social and emotional skills.
Session Length: 45 minutes
Frequency: weekly
Group Size: up to 10

About This Group

Have you experienced challenges in managing emotionally overwhelming feelings? Feelings like anxiety or depression make it difficult to stabilize your life or have healthy relationships. Trying to manage your emotions alone can be exhausting and isolating. This group offers a supportive and encouraging community of women that are all working on developing and practicing emotional self- care skills. Each session will include psychoeducation and activities that support improving your emotional- health. Sessions will cover building improved connections to your experiences, enjoyment, and peace, a greater understanding of how emotions work, learning to shift your perspective, and increased ability to make and maintain positive relationships.


Your Group Host

Raven Waterman

Psychotherapist and Executive Leadership Coach

I provide culturally sensitive, trauma-informed therapy and leadership coaching to women. My goal is to normalize mental health treatment and personal development particularly for women of color. Are you struggling with your emotional health, interpersonal relationships, or achieving your goals? It is possible to break the cycle of being emotionally overwhelmed and get the right support to help you build your emotional self- care routine and reach your personal goals in life and your career.

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What You Need To Know

How To Participate

This group session is run online in order to be accessible to all. After joining, you will receive an email with a link for the group's video conference.


You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.


Your payment is always secure. You will be charged for each recurring group session. This subscription can be canceled at any time.

$40 / session

Frequency: weekly

Wednesday - Sep 30, 10:00 PM GMT