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Job Burnout Support Group

Hosted by: Julia Wyka
Does the day feel like it’s going nowhere because you have taken on too many things? Does work feel draining and monotonous? Do you have a hard time saying no?
Session Length: 60 minutes
Frequency: weekly
Group Size: up to 6

About This Group

In this time when we have so many ambitions, it’s easier to get burnt out and drown in the digital stream of distraction.

You deserve to live a life of peace and to have moments of joy and stillness. In this group, you will learn how to take back control of your day, your sleep, and knowing how and when to ask for help. Goals and ambitions are great! We are not going to take those away, but we will find a healthy way to create balance and less overwhelm. I look forward to working together.


Your Group Host

Julia Wyka

Mental Health Counselor

I recognize that the process of entering therapy can be overwhelming so I strive to create a warm and relaxed environment. Whether meeting with me in a group, alone, or as a couple, I listen thoughtfully and we will work at a pace with which you are most comfortable. My work with patients centers on moving beyond their habitual reactions to identify their true values.

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What You Need To Know

How To Participate

This group session is run online in order to be accessible to all. After joining, you will receive an email with a link for the group's video conference.


You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.


Your payment is always secure. You will be charged for each recurring group session. This subscription can be canceled at any time.

$40 / session

Frequency: weekly

Thursday - May 26, 12:00 AM GMT