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Food Struggles Support Group

Hosted by: Lauren Larkin
Struggling with what you eat-- whether it's how little or how much? Feeling like your worth is tied to what's on your plate? Talk about food issues in a shame-free space with others who relate.
Session Length: 60 minutes
Frequency: weekly
Group Size: up to 8

About This Group

This group is designed to help you find coping mechanisms for your emotional struggles that don't involve under eating, using compensatory behaviors, or overeating for comfort. As a therapist who specializes in eating disorders, I bring a non-judgmental frame to our process, and give everyone a chance to share and ask for advice. Group will meet weekly, and we will establish agreements as a group for what topics we want to discuss and how we want to showcase our respect for the other group members, which is a core value of my groups. The process of speaking about traditionally shameful behaviors with food can free you from your inner critic, as you will be accepted for exactly who you are and feel encouraged, seen, and heard. All genders, sizes, sexual orientations, and races/ethnicities are welcome here. When you sign up, I will schedule a quick phone call for no more than 15-minutes to introduce myself and hear more about your story to ensure we can create a safe space for you.

Eating Disorder
Disordered Eating
Binge Eating
Emotional Eating

Your Group Host

Lauren Larkin

Mental Health Counselor

Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm a mental health counselor with a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from New York University. I approach all of my clients with a holistic wellness perspective, and my approach includes building strong interpersonal connections that strengthen self-worth and autonomy. Together we will strike a balance of working through your external and internal turmoil to ensure you are able to handle your present issues, and do the in-depth emotional work of rehashing your past.

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What You Need To Know

How To Participate

This group session is run online in order to be accessible to all. After joining, you will receive an email with a link for the group's video conference.


You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.


Your payment is always secure. You will be charged for each recurring group session. This subscription can be canceled at any time.

What Members Are Saying

Lauren has made it an extremely seamless and comfortable virtual environment.

$45 / session

Frequency: weekly

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