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We make it simple and secure for therapists to run successful online groups. You’re in full control of your schedule, topic, prices, and how you interact with your members.

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Platform Benefits

Why Therapists Love Herd

We take the work out of group work, so you can focus on what really matters - providing outstanding care for your group members.

Digital Footprint

Our profiles make you easier to find online.

Follow Functionality

Have collegues and members follow your profile.

Monetize Better

Build your practice by running groups.

Admin Dashboard

Easily manage your profile page, groups and members.

Running A Group

Get Started In Three Steps

  • Fill Out Your Profile A dedicated and optimized profile page on herd, that can link back to your own content, will help promote your practice.
  • Create A Group Listing Freely choose the group's topic, schedule and price point.
  • Welcome Your Members Once your group is live, clients can book a seat. After they've been screened, they will be able to join your next session.


What members are saying

Learn more about the profound impact that a group can have on your life.

Tonight was really helpful. Really glad to discuss my thoughts out loud in a space where other people can relate. Thanks for everything!